Important Health Tips for men

Taking care of men health is very important for a strong family. Recent research shows that men have failed
in taking adequate steps to care for their health as well as protecting themselves financially due to future
mishaps if they encounter health issues.

The article looks at some useful men health tips worth considering by all men.
Although a lot of men say they are concerned about their health and only a small percentage worry about
their health, they are still taking significant risks by ignoring symptoms of ill health, not carrying out health
checks. Most men tend to ignore physical symptoms of ill health and don’t follow medical check-ups.
Some even men ignore letters urging them to attend a medical check-up only a few to attend. Studies have
shown that a high percentage of men don’t have critical illness cover or other protection such as health
insurance to cover them should they become ill.

Here are just a few men health tips small steps to greatly improve your overall health:

1. Eat smart
Try to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day as part of a balanced diet. This helps to keep the
energy levels up hence stopping one to take fatty, sugary or salty snacks. Also, it helps you maintain your
weight at a healthy level. It’s important for men health to eat right and make healthy eating decisions, men
have specific dietary needs. Men have lower body fat and muscular compared to women, hence the need for
energy foods. Fortunately, there are healthy food choices and diet tips will help give men enough energy and
prevent health risks.

2. Alcohol aware
Drink in moderation. Aim to be within the rules, no more than 3-4 units of alcohol each day you take. Try to
have at least 3 alcohol-free days per week too.

3. Up the exercise
Try having a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. Do exercise that you enjoy so that it
becomes a fun part of your routine rather than a chore. Looking into doing exercise with friends too so it
becomes social, as well as good for your health.

4. Health checks
Don’t ignore symptoms of ill health or injury. If you think something could be wrong, see a doctor as soon as
possible. Better safe than sorry. Additionally, learn how to check yourself for signs of illnesses such as
breast and testicular cancer. It takes minutes and saves lives.

5. Protect your future
Consider investing in private health insurance and critical illness insurance to provide you with access to fast
treatment and peace of mind. With private health insurance and critical illness cover, you know that if you
do become ill, you’ll be back at work as quickly as possible and your income will be protected. This
guarantees good men health.

Men are more likely than women to ignore medical problems and take more risks with their health. It isn’t
worth the risk, though, and with just a few men health changes you could ensure that you are happier and
healthier in the long-term.